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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2018 3:00am-3:03am CET

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thousands of anti-government demonstrators gathered at hungary and state t.v. headquarters during a fifth successive not of protests in the capital budapest that off to security guards forcibly removed opposition m.p.'s from the building the politicians have been trying to read a petition on there against a new labor law pos by right wing prime minister viktor obama's government.
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british prime minister to raise them i says she intends to hold a parliamentary vote on have breaks it deal in the wake of january maggie told lawmakers she would seek his surance as on elements of her plan from the european union before the vote she also rejected the idea of a new referendum on a u. membership. us television network c.b.s. says it will deny full maceo leslie moonves a severance deal worth of a one hundred million euros moonves left his job in september amid sexual abuse allegations which he denies the television network says he hasn't cooperated with an investigation into the claims and is officially sacked him. mexico's puppet got the better volcano has begun erupting spewing out a column of ash and smoke up to three kilometers high authority is of one citizens not to be the volatile volcano situated southeast of mexico city.
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how to deal with a shrinking population leading to a shortage of workers made possible made worse by a brain drain in hungary companies canal demand more overtime and delay payment for years or today to lawmakers against the government's labor reforms trying to take their message to the voters in the airwaves government body guards got in the way but the whole world was watching when it happened i burned off. not yet we have to watch humiliating scene some use of physical force against an elected member of parliament and that means the end of the rule of law in hungary. as well my dog got to shock. me on this.

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